Death Mode

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A dead player may choose to play as an undead ghost, a generic race in itself, or to turn into one of the undead races. In either case, all relevant abilities are saved.

Ghosts are able to go through most things, without collision. A permanent exclusion to this ability is the land (soil) itself. They move by using levitation and are not able to go beyond a small distance from the land (again, soil.)

Ghosts may discover new or hidden areas, but they do so without the use of a map, so that orientation is lost. While a ghost may find a way into almost any place, a resurrect player will have to rely on pathfinding and secret passageways.

The longer a player spends time as a ghost, the more they lose of their tangible existence. While a single minute may do no harm, the following minute will have a level lost from any random ability they possess. Every doubling of the minutes thereafter reduces the player by another ability level, i.e. four minutes, eight minutes, sixteen minutes, and so on.

Resurrection / Reincarnation

An undead player may choose to convert into a living race, by reincarnating through a priest. In such a case, all items and abilities are saved.

In the case of resurrection from an unexpected death, the player must either fly quickly to the nearest priest, who will resurrect him there, or have a priest present in the scene of death, to resurrect him on the spot. The latter is immediate, while the former delays the player.