Dynamic Modding

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For any item, object or creature being modded, a menu that lists and categorizes all available options appear in a box. This lists include all of the already existing game content that has been made available for players to manipulate. The only case where no list is necessary, is when an existing target is being used.

The creation of items is dependant on materials, which are widespread throughout the game world, thus making a single collection hard to scavenge. Only smart and efficient players will be able to make interesting and useful items, through Player Quests and public markets.


The setup for a new or existing mod is displayed as a box with several scales together with title and description boxes. The scales represent the two extreme cases of each property of the target mod.

Examples of such extremities to scale between:
Size Power<->Speed
Weight Power<->Speed
Edge Penetrating<->Dazing
Grip Accuracy<->Maneuverability

Some creatures may be first discovered and identified by players, which then allows them to add titles and descriptions to them.

Simple pixel art drawings may be created in-game to be layered over objects or tattooed over players.




Creatures are summoned by players, who can manipulate their abilities using scales. Extra titles and descriptions are also available.

  • All items have their own basic Title and Description, which are never modified by the players. Rather, players may add to these, in short.