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  • Users' permissions and requests are according to access level.
  • Chat is either global, private, or local - to those in proximity.
  • Movement is between ROOMS, inside MAPS. MAPS are composed of ROOMS. ROOMS are composed of TARGETS.
  • TARGETS can be created & modified quickly and easily.
  • Instances of TARGETS are managed by need, without overloading memory and networking.
  • Administrators can put limitations on users in chat, emotes, and kick & temporarily ban.
  • Registered players have access to their inventory, including wearing items, and holding items.
  • Dimensional relevant data, such as positions, collision, and distances are saved on the server-side, in order to parse seamlessly between different client types.
  • Extra modules: AI, Combat, Trade.

TARGETS are world objects, including non-player characters and creatures.


The server is a single folder.

\node_modules\ - Installed NodeJS modules.

\public\ - Static files that are served to the user, such as a local HTTP (website) client.

\routes\ - JS files for the Express module, that respond with information to HTTP requests.

\views\ - Template (or HTML) files that are called by the routes, to display to the user.

\app.js - The server file (to be executed by NodeJS.)

\package.json - The dependency list of modules for the server.