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I started conceptualizing this project somewhere during mid-2013. My goal was not to actually create a game, but only to relay to others what I felt was missing - and crucial - to future MMO games. I started with paint and notepad. ;-)

I then moved on to looking for a good flowchart tool. After many trials, I finally found the wonderful and useful Creatly.com[1]. I created these in order: ------->

MMORPG General Flowchart.
MMORPG Revised General Flowchart.
Summary for MMORPG Flowchart.
Occupations In MMORPG's.
Life (& Death) In An MMORPG.

For a long while, I couldn't quite get the feedback I wanted. The flowcharts and descriptions were insufficient. So, I decided to make this wiki. It even motivated me to get my own domain - after my own full name. A lovely idea. I'm very satisfied with having my own domain!

Never the less, even with a more detailed wiki, I noticed that the text goes a bit wild - becoming either unreadable or unspecific. I added the Design section, when I noticed that the lack of context may be discombobulating for readers. Used a nifty world creator, too, for that. Still, the result was not sufficient, for getting the feedback I wanted about my ideas.

Finally, I started testing Construct 2. It took a hard while, running into bugs and learning a new IDE, but eventually I made it. I saw my first demo running well, and after a short while I discovered NodeJS for WebSocket, as a server-side solution.


7th August, 2013
    Demo 0.1 - Client-Side Construct 2 Technical Test.

18th August, 2013
    Demo 0.2 - Basic Server & Client.