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The planet Yuvious is host to an extended chain of living beings and terrains. It is a tiny planet, only requiring two years to traverse on large animal feet. The weak force field around it enables creatures to leap easily between places and climb its' massive layer of flora. Due to its' relative distance from other large extra-terrestrial bodies, the air pressure is dense and allows for rapid activity.

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The nearest bright star to Yuvious is the Northern Dzengen visible directly from between the poles and is at a considerable distance form the planet. Most of the light diffuse on the planet is done by it, and thus the day cycle of about 17 hours is quite a long day cycle, by the end of which most smaller animals lose most of their logical thinking abilities.

One year is composed of between 14 to 59 days, and is measured by the time it takes most fruiting plants to finish one full cycle of fruiting. All plant and animal life are sensitive to the star movements and respond to any changes in the distances between star pathways in the sky. 59 Day years are not common, and are often the cause of great population decrease over the entire planet.

The climate is comfortable in most areas of the planet, due to a gas particle inherent in the Yuvious' atmosphere. It goes through a strong chemical reaction when rays of light hit it, yet its' loss is quickly compensated with new particles of the same molecule, by a homeostasis feature of the other gases that compose the atmosphere about it.

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