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To Do List

Demo 0.1
  • Testing Construct 2
  • Concept UI System
  • Concept Movement
  • Concept World Structure
  • Concept Quest System
  • Concept Modding System

Demo 0.2
  • NodeJS & ws (WebSocket) Server: Client ID, Positioning, and message transmission for chat.
  • Server: Broadcast to all: ID, Positioning and messages.
  • Server live on cloud at
  • Server KeyPressed module for client listing by pressing C.
  • Fixed Pathfinding: Reach target, animate according to direction (needs fixing.)
  • WASD Movement.
  • Chat input and output messages above players on screen with fading.
  • OtherPlayer object instantiation and identification (global var' list with UIDs & IDs) for other players.
  • Login system (with unique IDs and text file per user.)
  • Buttons system (basic example with Summon Cow, Create Palace and Send Quest.)
  • Fixed Pathfinding and Oceans (as solids.)
  • Sound object with positioning and fade to pause/resume by distance.
  • Zoom in/out/reset with mouse wheel, with Canvas to Layer position translation for Pathfinding.
  • Z-Index positioning by collision, using Y axis (basic example with Drum.)
  • Server: WorldObjects saved with type and ID.
  • Buttons for OtherPlayers (only review Quest.)

Demo 0.3
  • Basic world design (land masses & water bodies.)
  • User login saves position and Quests.
  • ...